Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

If you feel like you’ve come to terms with the terminology of our consensus mechanism and the staking process, you might feel ready to dive in immediately. However, for those who still have questions, we’ve collected a list of pre-emptive questions in regards to staking, its rewards, and its requirements.

Increasing Stake

How can I increase my stake?

You can only increase your stake by staking from a new Ethereum account. The simplest way to do this is to open up your MetaMask extension and click the colored circle in the top right corner of the screen. Then select ‘+ create account’ and send the DUSK you wish to stake to this address. With your new wallet, you can follow the normal staking process using the Dashboard.

Note: Top-ups are not supported by the smart contract. This keeps the smart contract light and cost-efficient for our users.

Staking Update

Why did we close Block Generator pre-Staking?

To avoid high transaction costs for previous Block Generator stakers, we have returned the stakes and paid for all necessary smart contract interactions. Read more here

Can I stake Provisioner from my previously used Block Generator address?

Yes. If you have not staked as a Provisioner before you can use the same address. In the event you have been participating in both Block Generator and Provisioner staking from this address, you need to create a new address for additional Provisioner staking.

When did you return Block Generator Stakes?

All stakes were returned by the 17th of January, 2021.


How many Provisioner stakers can there be?

There is no limit on the number of Provisioners that can participate, other than the actual limit of the available DUSK token supply.

What are the rewards for Provisioner staking?

All Provisioners earn the same return percentage, no matter the size of their stake. The fixed annualized return for Provisioners is set at 12%.

For example, if you were to stake 10.000 DUSK, in a year you would have accumulated a total reward of 1.200 DUSK (12% return). If you were to stake 50.000 DUSK for a year the reward would amount to 6.000 DUSK (12% return).

Note that, in practice, the reward calculation is performed on a daily basis (updated every 24 hours).

How many DUSK do I need to stake as a Provisioner?

Provisioners may stake any amount between 10.000 and 1.000.000 DUSK tokens to be eligible for rewards, i.e. earning a fixed return. Provisioners play a team role within the system, and therefore the system was designed to welcome a wide range of participants.

What is Provisioner staking?

This type of staking means you are fulfilling a vital role within Dusk Network by acting as a ‘Provisioner’. Provisioners battle it out to create the winning candidate block and join the Provisioner Committee to agree on the block that should be added to the chain.

This atypical structure strengthens the security of the network and diminishes any chance of corrupting consensus. While this may sound complicated, acting as a Provisioner is actually a very simple process that ensures participants are rewarded for their efforts. All it takes is ‘locking in’ your DUSK tokens.

Block Generators

When can I stake as a Block Generator again?

At the Dusk Network Mainnet launch it will be possible again to stake as a Block Generator. For more details on staking mechanics and reward distributions please read our Economic Paper. For more information on the pre-staking Block Generator Staking closing move over to the STAKING UPDATE section on top.

What is Block Generator staking?

This type of staking means you are fulfilling a vital role within Dusk Network by acting as a ‘Block Generator’. Staking as a ‘Block Generator’ prevents collusion within the network by competing to produce a candidate block through a novel mechanism called Proof-of-Blind Bid . This PoBB powers Dusk Network and is an energy conscious consensus algorithm that generates unprecedented network security.

While this may sound complicated, acting as a Block Generator is actually a very simple process that has participants sharing in a sizable DUSK token reward pool. All it takes is ‘locking-in’ your DUSK tokens.

If you’d like to know more about the purpose of staking within Dusk Network, please read our article: An Introduction to our unique Consensus Algorithm

The Process

Can I withdraw just my rewards?

Yes, you can withdraw your accumulated rewards separately from your initial DUSK staking amount. Similar to how you initiated your staking, you can simply head over to the Dashboard and look for 'Unlock Rewards'. Be aware that transaction fees on the Ethereum network apply.

Please note that a 7-day cool-down period applies, you will need to interact with the smart contract again to get your rewards.

I’ve decided to become a staking participant in the Dusk Network! Where can I sign up?

Simply visit and follow the registration instructions.

Are the requirements for ERC-20 staking similar to those for mainnet staking?

We have attempted to closely mimic mainnet staking conditions. Our Economic Model Paper details our intended model for mainnet staking. In our most recent Economic Model Update, the requirements for Provisioner staking on mainnet were further reduced to 1.000 DUSK.

Can I change my reward address after I stake?

Once a reward address is submitted, it cannot be changed. However, you can restart the staking process from a new ETH address by withdrawing all your staked DUSK and moving them to this new address.

Please note that withdrawing your staked DUSK activates a 7-day cool-down period during which no staking rewards will be accumulated.

When are staking rewards calculated?

Rewards are calculated on a full day-to-day basis, i.e. every 24 hours. This means no rewards are calculated for staking only a partial day. However, it also means that a temporary staking ‘time-out’ won’t automatically result in losing a month’s worth of rewards.

Reward calculation occurs exactly every 24 hour after contract deployment. The time and date of Provisioner contract deployment was: September 21, 2020, 12:00 UTC.

Who's paying for the ERC-20 staking rewards?

The rewards come from Dusk Network's marketing & ecosystem budget allocations. The maximum supply of DUSK tokens, of course, remains unaffected.

Do you have plans to lower the ERC-20 Staking to 1.000 DUSK?

We do not plan to lower the pre-staking amount from 10.000 DUSK to 1.000 DUSK. This decision was made due to the steep Ethereum transaction fees associated with participation in our pre-staking campaign. A user staking 1.000 DUSK could, in a pessimistic cost situation, end up incurring a net loss despite staking for a period of multiple months. When, and if, the associated Ethereum fees are reduced in the future, we may reconsider.

How do I stop staking?

On the Staking Dashboard, you can click 'Unlock / Unstaking' to indicate your desire to stop staking. After the 7-day cool-down period, you can return and retrieve your DUSK stake and rewards by interacting with the smart contract once more. Ending your staking commitment requires these two actions. During the cool-down period, no staking reward will be accumulated.

Do unclaimed rewards accumulate interest?

Reward calculation is based on the principal amount of staked DUSK tokens. The accruement of rewards does not stack on top of this amount, meaning that unclaimed rewards do not accumulate compound returns. In essence, there is no benefit to not claiming your staking rewards, other than the minimization of transaction fees.

The Basics

Who can become a Dusk Staker?

We value accessibility. This is why the process of staking DUSK tokens is open to the public. All that is required is the prerequisite DUSK token amount and to be eligible in accordance with our country exclusion list. As a general rule of thumb, if you are able to buy and trade DUSK then you should be able to stake.

To participate in pre-staking on the Ethereum network, minimal technical knowledge is required to stake. Our step-by-step tutorials detail the actions needed to participate while ensuring wide accessibility to non-technically savvy users.

Which wallets are supported?

Dusk Network pre-staking is compatible with any ERC-20 wallet, as long as you own the private key or seed phrase so they can be imported into MetaMask. Cold storage devices such as Ledger or Trezor can also be used with MetaMask.

Why use MetaMask?

MetaMask automates a host of interactions and reduces the chances of mistakes in the staking process. The MetaMask app can be found here:

What is the minimum duration of Dusk staking?

The minimum duration is one full month. As implied, staked DUSK tokens cannot be moved or returned during this period. In addition to the lock-up, there is a 7-day cool-down period if you wish to stop staking and withdraw your initial stake (or reward). This results in a total minimum lock-up duration of 37 days.