Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

If you feel like you’ve come to terms with the terminology of our consensus mechanism and the staking process, you might feel ready to dive in immediately. However, for those who still have questions, we’ve collected a list of pre-emptive questions in regards to staking, its rewards, and its requirements.

Staking Update (September 2022)

When will my stake + rewards be returned?

On the 17th of August all current pre-stakers were notified of this 30-day notice period, in which all pre-stakers will continue to earn rewards and be able to interact with the contract. On the 23rd of September, reward accumulation will stop and all stakes + outstanding rewards will be transferred back to their original addresses. Once every stake is returned, we will retire the contract.

What is the old provisioner contract address?


When are we retiring the pre-staking contract?

As per the 17th of August 2022 communicated in this article, the pre-staking contract will be retired on the 23rd of September.

Will I be able to earn DUSK in the future?

Yes. As we enter the next phase of development (read more here), new opportunities and incentives will become available to our community. We aim to especially reward those who are actively involved in the project.

We’re excited to enter the next phase of development, with new opportunities and incentives for the community to encourage even more active involvement with the project.


How many Provisioner stakers can there be?

There is no limit on the number of Provisioners that can participate, other than the actual limit of the available DUSK token supply.

What is Provisioner staking?

This type of staking means you are fulfilling a vital role within Dusk Network by acting as a ‘Provisioner’. Provisioners battle it out to create the winning candidate block and join the Provisioner Committee to agree on the block that should be added to the chain.

This atypical structure strengthens the security of the network and diminishes any chance of corrupting consensus. While this may sound complicated, acting as a Provisioner is actually a very simple process that ensures participants are rewarded for their efforts. All it takes is ‘locking in’ your DUSK tokens.

Block Generators

When can I stake as a Block Generator again?

At the Dusk Network Mainnet launch it will be possible again to stake as a Block Generator. For more details on staking mechanics and reward distributions please read our Economic Paper. For more information on the pre-staking Block Generator Staking closing move over to the STAKING UPDATE section on top.

What is Block Generator staking?

This type of staking means you are fulfilling a vital role within Dusk Network by acting as a ‘Block Generator’. Staking as a ‘Block Generator’ prevents collusion within the network by competing to produce a candidate block through a novel mechanism called Proof-of-Blind Bid . This PoBB powers Dusk Network and is an energy conscious consensus algorithm that generates unprecedented network security.

While this may sound complicated, acting as a Block Generator is actually a very simple process that has participants sharing in a sizable DUSK token reward pool. All it takes is ‘locking-in’ your DUSK tokens.

If you’d like to know more about the purpose of staking within Dusk Network, please read our article: An Introduction to our unique Consensus Algorithm